FastDeer Technology

FastDeer Technology is an innovative technology company that specializes in R&D and sales of tech-electronic products focused on sports and health, catering to the needs of sports enthusiasts

About Us

Our founding team is a group of golf enthusiasts, but also senior practitioners in the sensor, optics, system software development and other industries. During our routine golf sessions, we noticed significant room for improvement in the existing golf rangefinders and watches on the market, as they failed to adequately meet users' needs. This realization sparked the idea to create our own product, giving birth to our first product, the FastDeer rangefinder

Our Mission

Through technological innovation, design optimization, and iterative craftsmanship, we aim to provide sports enthusiasts with outstanding experiences and value. We firmly believe that the fusion of technology and sports can open up new possibilities, helping every sports enthusiast surpass their limits

Three Standards

                                                   1. Technological Innovation

                                                   2. Easy to use

                                                   3. Nice Design 

These standards will be implemented in every one of our products, keeping complex design and craftsmanship for ourselves while delivering simple and east-to-use products to our customers. Starting from passion, solving problems professionally, we strive to live up to every choice our customers

 Products field

Adhering to the philosophy of "exploring the unknown, innovating the future," we are committed to building a diverse product line. Our product planning covers various sports fields, including golf, skiing, diving, mountaineering and so on. Our product categories range from intelligent golf rangefinders, sports watches, and training devices to smart helmets, glasses etc